there were some requests for gay twin hell and man lemme tell ya if theres one thing u dont gotta request outright its that shit


sorry its sfw

Anonymous asked: “ hello! i saw your drawing of rose, and i myself am a rose cosplayer who's a bit chubby and i feel really self concious about my photos, but your drawing has made my day! thank you so much! ”

i got SO HAPPY when i read this. thank you so much for dropping this ask, there is literally nothing better in the whole world than making somebody feel better about themselves or have a better day in general THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I’M SURE YOUR ROSE COSPLAY IS SUPER STELLAR I AM VERY GLAD SOMETHING I DREW COULD MAKE YOU HAPPY FRIEND THANK YOU FOR THIS ASK

tiny bloodswap karkat process workshop


when i first start workin out personalities for a new bloodswap i basically just take what i think are the two main aspects of karkat’s character— anger and fear— and figure out which one he’s more likely to outwardly express and which one he’s more likely to keep to himself (although both are obviously present)

based on how he grew up and what expectations he is trying to avoid he may lean harder towards fear or anger

karkat vantas as a mutantblood is expected to be fearful, cowardly and weak, so he keeps his fear to himself and expresses his anger

karkat peixes as a tyrianblood is expected to be ruthless, ambitious and teaming with highblood rage, so he keeps his anger to himself and expresses his fear

like so:


(threw blukat in there for a solid middle ground. it is interesting to note that, whether it is in his character arc or in a his personality in general, the closer he draws toward the middle ground the more obvious his depression becomes)

both of them avoid what society expects of their blood colors because they are both negatively obsessed with their blood color:

karkat vantas’ shame over being a mutant drives him to prove to everyone that he can be a leader; karkat peixes’s shame over being the physical manifestation of tyranny drives him to prove that he is timid and approachable

there’s obviously more to pinkat’s fearful demeanor: the effect gl’bgolyb’s prophetic ravings have on his mental health (it isn’t good), the fact that it sure is easy to talk big about being a leader when he’s expected to be culling fodder but when he actually has those gigantic leaderly expectations placed on him by society he shits his pants, etc

but that is for another day

for now here is this

all this bloodswap got me to thinkin bout my own maroonkat and his shitty ass bellbottom jeans

babely necromancer ladies rockin undies

it is a literal crime that i draw rose as rarely as i do. i should be in jail

one time my mom saw a picture i drew of kankri and said “is that you. because i’ve seen you make that face before”

my half of an art trade with e-s-lynette

they wanted me to draw one of their karkat bloodswaps and i adore maroonkats and have one of my own so i had to draw their design for him!!


their half!


tessen replied to your post: i have no basis for my aradia headcanons

You don’t need any. /wolfwhistles


i have no basis for my aradia headcanons


God only knows what I’d be without you. 

"I’m wearing your ja—cket. I hope you don’t mind. You should —come and try to get it ba—ck.

If you want.





let’s take a trip down obscure homestuck fanart lane with this bloodswap trickster karkat wearing feferi’s clothes. fascinating

he’s salt water taffy, in case u couldn’t tell

gilbo’s birthday present

just try and fucking stop me

this file is named “fucking shitty idiot gamkar dubcon drug bullshit” and i don’t really think i have anything to add beyond that


experimenting with bruises and bloodstains

idk he hit kankri i guess